Today’s customer is a walking commercial. Social media plays a part in our marketing world like never before. From published photos to customer reviews- the engagement of real life people sharing real life experiences really does magic for brand. We are ready to take your brand and spread it across the social horizons; delivering your message in a dynamic way.

Good contents get seen- but awesome content gets shared. When quirky minds combine, we are delivering content that delivers your message with the intention of a lasting impression. We are focusing on your intended audiences, their needs, wants and trends. Different tactics will entice different audiences are looking for- and we have strategies for each platform. Our customized marketing materials will enhance curiosity and engagement to your business.

We are dedicated to making a delivery that will turn heads, excite audiences, spark conversations and make business impacts that create valuable experiences.

We are Nerdy Projects


What does it mean to have a social media strategy? This is the blueprint for your social media program and one that creates the foundation for planning your brand’s social success. Your social strategy is the road map for how you’re going to accomplish your goals. Our social media agency considers strategy to be the foundation of your social media success.


Social media communities aren’t built in a day and there is no future end point where brands will be “done” engaging with one. Community management requires day-to-day monitoring and development of interesting editorial and visual content across all social media channels. This content is designed to actively engage consumers for the best community experience possible.


If you build it, they will come! Unfortunately, this is just not true anymore when it comes to social media. In fact, you may be looking at it all wrong in the first place. You see, social media was never intended for brand marketers, it was intended to connect the world at scale and bring families and friends together at the intersection of technology. When these platforms were created, advertising was the last thing on the minds of these innovative entrepreneurs. However, like any business, it was essential for these social platforms to monetize their products and services to build sustainable growth.


Just how successful is your brand’s social media program, anyway? In order to properly measure the success of your social media efforts, it’s important to know what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to drive sales by acquiring and retaining new fans? Are you trying to increase brand awareness? We work closely with you to help establish specific goals and how they’ll be measured throughout the length of our engagement.


Our social conversations have the power to give a brand a part in vast conversations full of spectators, potential and the magic of “word-of- mouth”. Imagine the possibilities with an online marketing agency! Digital advertising will give you access to audiences far beyond normal expectations. We use tools that will spread your brand across the social landscape. We establish your target audience, identify their language, and not just inject you into the conversation- but strategically lead the conversation with your brand. Nerdy Projects is ready to be your internet marketing agency. Taking the online dialogue to new levels, your brand will be acceptance to deeper relationships, educated consumers, influenced sales, transparency, and strong trusted advocacy.

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